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I’m Juliana, a visual media communicator specializing in science communication. With over 5 years of professional experience, I have achieved various skills, including live TV broadcasting and streaming, video production and editing, infographic design, visual design, e-learning production, branding, and web design. 

You might be wondering how all these skills can relate to science communication. Well, let me explain. Science is in need of being understood by people. We are aware that scientific language is often complex and challenging for everyday people. For us, science can sound like someone speaking in a foreign language. The mentioned skills enable me to effectively translate this unfamiliar language, making it accessible to everyone without compromising its accuracy.

My professional goal is to make a significant impact on how we care for the environment and life on this planet, depoliticize science and bring common sense into everyday conversations. I firmly believe that we can build a career that fills us with pride in the years to come.

Lastly, for no particular reason at all, I love cats. 

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Work Experience

M.A.S. Insurance

Atlanta, GA / 2021 To Present

I have successfully developed a comprehensive brand identity which includes logos, business cards, letterhead stationery, website and google business. I have also assisted and solve clients unique needs, ensuring their satisfaction.

  • Build and cultivate a strong brand image by consistently delivering reliable and personalized insurance advice.
  • Deliver exceptional customer service to clients, addressing inquiries and providing guidance on insurance options.

Cactus Communication 

Mumbai, India / Sep To Dec 2019

In this role, my primary objective was to simplify complex data and information, transforming them into visually engaging and comprehensible graphic materials.

  • Managed the creation and production of videos, animations, and infographics for diverse scientific research projects.
  • Simplified complex data and information, translating them into visually engaging and comprehensible graphic materials.
  • Storyboarded video and infographic content, ensuring a clear and compelling narrative.
  • Visualized scientific concepts to enhance understanding and engagement.
  • Scripted content for videos, maintaining a focus on scientific accuracy and clarity.
  • Designed visually appealing videos and infographics, aligning them with the project’s scientific objectives.

Fundació ACE

Barcelona, Spain / Feb To June 2019

I acquired the skills to develop an intern communication plan for social media with a focus on fundraising initiatives. I effectively carried out my job responsibilities, which contained tasks such as writing newsletters, translation of documents from English to Spanish, and creating diverse media content for social media channels. 

  • Developed an intern communication plan for social media, with a specific emphasis on fundraising initiatives.
  • Translated documents from English to Spanish to facilitate cross-lingual communication.
  • Generated a variety of multimedia content for social media channels to support communication efforts.

Colombian Society of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation

Bogota, Colombia / 2014 To 2017

I created, designed, and produced E-learning courses, along with video tutorials focusing on anesthesiology. I also created several types of media materials that supported the learning for all students. Additionally, I live-streamed conferences and events to entities all over the country that were associated with this institution.

Tasks Include:

  • Recording and streaming events such as conferences, symposiums, simulations, among others.
  • Production and post-production of medicine tutorials for e-learning
  • Production and post-production of internal and external communications of the company
  • Designing, developing and implementing e-learning.
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